To value contemporary art production and continuous research are the main pillars of Galeria Eduardo Fernandes.

The support and constant incentive to the creative process bring a qualitative advance to the works of the artists represented, where the respect for the time of development of artistic production favors the maturing process of the discussions and the creation of new paradigms in the current scenario. The appreciation and monitoring of the artists place their works in a position of recognition in the world of fine arts.

In constant partnerships and exchanges with national and international art critics and curators, the gallery works by creating new and recognized collections, both private and public. The interaction of different cultures is part of the work done by the gallery, as well as the building up of the vernacular productions.

Since its inauguration in 2005, 40 exhibitions were held at its headquarters, and other 22 in institutions, foundations and museums. Established in Vila Madalena, the place consists of an exhibition room, an attendance room with its special collections, where demonstrations of the works are held and a room for research, development and production.

In addition to the bimonthly exhibitions are promoted meetings with the artists of the gallery, guest artists, art critics, philosophers and other professionals who bring content to the contemporary universe.
The choice of the artists represented in his gallery is based on researches, which rely on the support of curators and art critics. Emphasis on the work of the artists represented:

Ana Amélia Genioli, Claudia Melli, Daisy Xavier, Fernando Arias, Geraldo Souza Dias, Guilherme Dable, Jan Smith, Kristin Capp, Mai-Britt Wolthers, Manoel Novello, Mikhail Karikis, Newman Schutze, Rosario López, Rose Klabin, Thales Leite and Vicente de Mello.